Porter-Cable PCCK607LB 20V Cordless Drill Review

A brushless motor is considered as one of the reliable types of drill in term of power efficiency and giving you more run time. Lots of people don’t know which drill is the best one to consider because they are focusing on the battery capacity instead of mechanism. Porter-Cable PCCK607LB 20V Cordless Drill is a lot more anticipated choice of 2019 getting the most positive reviews in terms of effectiveness and overall performance.

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Buyers usually get power drills for their DIY projects or to have ease doing some basic works at home. Fixing little things become easier with the use of a cordless drill, that’s why you can rely on it and get plenty of advantages with ease. Buyers are totally focused on the great design, build quality and lighter weight so that they could carry it without having any issue. Value for money product is all about the effectiveness and lower maintenance at an affordable price point.

Porter-Cable PCCK607LB 20V Cordless Drill Review

As we told, Porter-Cable PCCK607LB 20V Cordless Drill is the most loved drill in all kind, you can find it easy to use and impressive in term of many ways. Battery power operation is the very first thing that you can find about this drill that you are going to love for sure. It will help you drill in quick time and without facing any issue. You can tighten screws as well as open them by using the machine on reverse mode.

One more reason behind the immense popularity of this drill machine is an affordable price. There are so many things that you can find interesting about this product which can help. A first-time buyer might find this product bit expensive, but it isn’t, and there are various reasons behind this thing. Let’s get started by having a deep dive into the features, working, and great design factor to give you a complete idea of how this product is and what you are going to get.

Key Advantages of Buying Porter-Cable PCCK607LB 20V Cordless Drill

As you buy Porter-Cable PCCK607LB 20V Cordless Drill over the selection of any other expensive or similarly priced drill, then you can easily find many things which are great about this product. Let’s get started by having a look at some of the major ones –

  • Great After-Sale Services –Porter-Cable is one of the leading drill manufacturers and known for quality services. As this drill machine comes with a warranty, you can get every single issue eradicated in the nick of time. Porter offers quick time repair and replacement of damaged parts; that’s why you will feel safer going with this brand. Most of the brands are poor in term of after-sale services, but you don’t have to worry about such factors with this brand for sure.
  • Lesser Maintenance – Whether Porter is a great brand to go after, you can find it helpful in various manners. Their drill machine requires lesser maintenance, and it is more likely to give you ease during the use. Couple months without maintenance is not a bad choice, that’s why you can like this product over the other ones. It is definitely going to come in handy for sure. Maintenance required for this product will decrease if you just keep oiling the small motor area. It is enough to enhance durability.
  • Longer Life – Overall drill is made up of a hard body and heavy-duty stainless steel. So, you can expect longer life from this machine. Along with that, this drill can last half a decade with proper maintenance. Working become easier and you can expect it to give you all the basic advantages that you want from this product. The durability of this drill is going to enhance as if you use it properly and keep focusing on maintenance from time to time.
  • Runtime – Having a brush motor mean better runtime, which will help you work for hours without changing the battery pack. Runtime varies with the speed and continuous use, but you are most likely to get 2 hours extra from most of the quality cordless drills. This thing is absolutely great about using this product. To enhance battery life, make sure that you charge batteries effectively and do not keep them on charging for the unwanted time period.

These are some of the major advantages that you can expect from using this cordless drill. In case you are not sure that which one to buy then we have a lot more things to ensure that buying Porter-Cable PCCK607LB 20V Cordless Drill is the best choice. Let’s jump to features and learn about all of them.

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Top 5 Remarkable Features of Porter-Cable PCCK607LB 20V Cordless Drill

When you are going to buy a cordless drill, then you have to look after various factors. With this machine, all those five things are totally fulfilled, which can make you consider this deal as the best  cordless drill one as compared to others. Let’s have a look –

  • Remarkably Great Design –

With all the products available in the market, you can find a similar design scheme, but when it comes to Porter-Cable PCCK607LB 20V Cordless Drill, there are few things off the track which makes it perfect. The balance of weight is more likely to impress you. When it comes to picking it up and using, you will find that weight is one of the important factors that you should consider during the purchase and this machine is definitely going to help in such factors.

  • Battery Life –

No doubt that battery life matters a lot and if you are going to buy a cordless drill then you will get a battery. In this drill, you are getting a significantly higher battery capacity. You can continuously use this drill for 30 minutes without any interception, which makes it effective. You can buy additional batteries and keep replacing when the juice goes out. Most of the time battery is 18 to 20 minutes in other popular models, but for such low price, this product is giving you the impressive battery life which is reliable as compared to all other choices available in the market.

  • Affordability –

Considering the reputation and battery life of this drill, you can say that it is a very genuine choice and you can get it for the lower price point which ensures that you get the best use of this product and without having a single issue. One another thing that you are most likely to love about this product is a comparatively cheaper option. There are many other products coming for an affordable price, but they do not have such genuine features which are offered in this product that’s why you are definitely going to get the best out of it.

  • Compact Size –

When it comes to taking a cordless drill anywhere, everyone wants to use the box it comes with. If you look at the size and design of the box, you will find it a handy and better choice as compared to the other ones. It comes in single size and capacity, but without the battery, it is very small and lightweight choice. You can store this cordless drill with ease due to the compact size and if you want some heavy-duty use then keep more than one battery. This will ensure that your workflow never stops and keep going with higher effectiveness.

  • Leading brand –

You can find that there are many brands in India which are offering cordless drill for the affordable price point. But one of the reputed brands out there is Porter-Cable PCCK607LB 20V Cordless Drill. It is coming at a lower price but what’s more interesting about this product is great after-sale services as every reputed brand can’t compromise their brand value just for poor service. This factor is remarkably good about this brand which can make you prefer this deal as compared to the other choices available in the market.

  • Brushless Motor –

No doubt that brushless motors are getting common these days, but such cordless drills are expensive. As you look at Porter-Cable PCCK607LB 20V Cordless Drill, you will find that it is coming at a reasonable price point which ensures the best use. Apart from such other factors, brushless motors are highly efficient, and they are likely to offer double battery backup, and they work effectively also. Gone are the days when cordless drills have a couple minutes of battery backup. You can use these cordless drills and get a huge number of advantages without having a single issue.

  • Long Warranty –

Warranty is one of the important factors that you have to check because if the product has a lower time warranty, then it might be a poor-quality product. So, always know how much warranty period is offered by the manufacturer. Here, in this case, Porter-Cable is offering three years of warranty from the date of purchase, and it is for battery and drill. You are also getting other equipment with the purchase of this machine; that’s why you can rely on it and grab this deal without having any issue.

  • Rotation Per Minute –

Rotation is one of the important factors which ensure that how fast you are going to make holes in the wall or how fast you will open a screw. Most of the drills are going to offer you 1200 RPM, which is fast but not that much. With the purchase of Porter-Cable PCCK607LB 20V Cordless Drill, you are getting 1,800 RPM which is a way better choice, and you are getting 50% extra from the usual choices available in the market. If you consider the quality, you are going to get stunned with this factor, that’s why you can rely on the purchase.

These are the major features which are enhancing the reasons to buy such cordless drills. There are plenty of manufacturers, but if you compare all these features, you will find a remarkable advantage grabbing these deals that’s why you can rely on it and forget about every other factor. Apart from all these features, there are many basic features that you can find in this cordless drill. Our mentioned are all those features which are at a different level due to high quality at a lower price.

There are plenty of pros and cons offered by this drill machine which can make you get the right decision with ease. After using this drill for a couple of days, we found that there are lots of pros and negligible cons, still worth mentioning. Let’s have a look at both factors, pros, and cons.

Pros –

  • Offers you 1800 RPM of rotation power which is remarkably good for the price point,
  • As you compare the price and feature, it is reasonably coming at a lower price than others.
  • Torque matters and this drill offer you 1450 lbs torque which is enough for walls and wood.
  • In term of easier use, it has a lighter weight & compact design to enhance the purchase reason.
  • Smart design to make it easy to carry, weight distribution eases up making holes.
  • Can be used to open screws and to fasten them as it offers both side rotation.
  • Remarkably better battery life as you compare this product to the premium ones also.

Cons –

  • Chuck of this drill is not good to handle small drill bits; it can slip on them easily.

FAQs –

As you are going to buy this drill, you may have plenty of questions in mind. Well, everyone does have questions, and most of the internet sources are not answering them properly. So, here we added some frequently asked question about a cordless drill that you must know about before getting started with the purchase. Let’s have a look at few of them –

  • How Much Porter-Cable PCCK607LB 20V Cordless Drill cost?

As you look at all the midrange cordless drills, you will find that they are available at a $100 price point or nearby. So, this drill machine is coming for few bucks lesser than others.

  • Is this drill reliable for the Fastening Purpose?

Porter-Cable PCCK607LB 20V Cordless Drill is made to rotate in both directions that’s why can use it for fastening. Due to the 1,800 RPM, you are going to like it for fastening purpose. The torque of 1450lbs is enough to tighten a bolt and screw in a single second.

  • How many Batteries are included in the box?

The manufacturer is offering one battery in the box, and it is reliable. You can buy additional units and keep them charged as per need. The only problem about this drill is that it comes with a cheap and flimsy charger unit which isn’t reliable at all.

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Comparing To the Most Reputed Cordless Drill

As there are many reputed companies offering genuine product for lower price, you can compare them with our product of choice which is Porter-Cable PCCK607LB 20V Cordless Drill. It will help you understand why to get it over the selection of others. Let’s have a look at the top three most popular cordless drills and others  –

  • Porter cable vs. Makita

Makita 18v cordless drill is a quality choice that you can prefer in the section of premium products. As you compare it with the Porter cable, Makita is bit expensive and the battery life is not up to the point which can make you consider whether to buy it or not. Considering the brand reputation of Makita, you can expect better and quick time after sale services which can definitely help you consider this brand over the other one.

  • Porter cable vs. DeWalt

DeWalt is a premium choice for the built quality, higher performance rate and effectiveness which makes it one of the best choices to grab for lower price point. As you look after Porter cable, it is not up to the DeWalt 20V drill but it is a reliable choice. As you compare the price, Porter Cable offer the better choice and it is highly reliable to consider for sure. Customer support or after sale services are almost similar in both companies so you won’t find much difference in this section that’s why you can rely on it.

  • Porter cable vs. Milwaukee

Milwaukee M18 cordless drill has the perfect blend of quality and price. It offers genuine performance and it is also affordable. Having most effective combination of power and performance, it is a better choice as compared to the Porter Cable. So, you should go after the design and build quality factor to avoid getting into any issue. Even after sale services of Porter cable is better from Milwaukee and you can rely on them.

The Final Verdict

During the purchase, you may have many questions in mind, keep it in mind that you stay selective in approach to avoid getting into any issue. Due to the premium build quality and great design, you are definitely going to love this product. Hope, this in-depth Porter-Cable PCCK607LB 20V Cordless Drill Review will help you understand whether to buy this drill or not.

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