Makita Vs Dewalt – Who Wins This Battle of The Cordless Drills

Cordless drills are one of the most desired tools for any builder. It is mostly found in the toolkit for its versatility and the effectiveness. This device can be very essential and effective for even tedious jobs. The brute power and the compact size of the tool can be impactful. It also increases the efficiency so much that even normal jobs can be done very quickly and easily. But the question is that there are different brands available for cordless drills and most of them are quite effective.

There can be many competitions but here we are discussing about two of the most reputed brands for the cordless drills, Makita and Dewalt. Dewalt is one of the oldest American brand and has a reputation of manufacturing huge ranges of impact tools. It was established way back in 1924. On the other side, there is Makita which is a Japanese brand, known for the quality of the products. The Japanese brand was established back in 1915. Both of the brand has impeccable record of producing industry best cordless drills. If you are looking for details between the two brands on the basis of merit, then we have done that for you. Here is the comparison between Makita and Dewalt for you.

Makita XFD10R 18 V Compact Drill


  • 4 Pole Motor that delivers very high torque
  • Extreme Protection Technology (XPT)
  • Dual LED lights with afterglow
  • 3 Years warranty


  • The RPM could be on the higher side

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The Makita XFD10R generates a staggering torque of 480 inch- pounds. This is all due to 4 Pole Motor which is built by the manufacturer itself. The 2 speed transmission system is meant for driving and drilling. The end user would have a great range of 0-600 rpm and 0-1900. The Makita has worked on the tool and able to enhance the efficiency by considerable amount of 25%.

The tool has come up with a brilliant dual LED technology that can illuminate even the dark corners and make drilling very easy for the user. As far as the use is concerned, this is one of the best from the makers. The curves designed in the handle is ergonomically designed and provides utmost comfort. The rubber grip is also quite effective in handling the tool.

This is a battery powered drill and the batteries are quite effective. The in-built circuits ensure that the common problems of overheating and discharge are avoided. The LXT Rapid Optimum charger charges the battery three times faster and the durability of the battery is one of the best in the industry.

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Common Questions and Answers:

  1. If the drill is not in use, do the batteries drain?

The batteries are made up of Lithium which is known for long shelf life. On top of it, the circuit of the battery ensures that it does not overheat, overload and neither discharge for greater durability and higher efficiency.

  1. Is battery included in the package?

Yes, 2 Lithium ion battery is included with the package and charger

  1. What is the weight of the drill?

It is 3.3 lbs. It is very light weight and that makes it a handy tool to use.

  1. Does it have a hammer drill?

Yes, it does have a hammer drill. However, it may not be used for occasional use and not for continual use.

Our Opinion:

Makita XFD10R is one of the optimal power drills that you require. If you want to carry out some DIY or normal house building stuff, then this is one of the best options you have. However, if you are looking to carry out some heavy construction work, then this may not be the correct choice. You may require a more powerful drill to do that. This is a great compact product which can be used for various uses. The price is very affordable though and that makes it even more interesting.

This is a lightweight solution to the tedious works. The ergonomic handle and comfortable grip make it easy for the user. The double LED lights can be very effective too. If you are working in the dark corners, then the illumination can be an additional advantage. This is a perfect tool for all the emergency jobs you want to perform.

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Dewalt DCD778L1 20 V:


  1. 57% more runtime
  2. 3 Years of service free warranty
  3. Very lightweight and is 18% lighter
  4. LED light


  1. The Chuck wobbles sometime
  2. Costlier

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This drill is comprised of a brushless motor and that is a great advantage for the end user. It makes a huge difference to the runtime. The brushless motor provides 57% more runtime than the brushed motor. The less of voltage drops and higher efficiency for the drill as well. It comes with 2 speed hammer drill which is quite effective for the heavy drilling as well. The wear and tear of the tool is also minimized thanks to the less friction of the tool.

The weight of the item is around 5.61 pounds and that is obviously on the very high side. However, the compact size makes it easy to work with. The small size and moderate weight make it enough for generating huge power. The drill is quite good for drilling even hard pieces.

There are two speed motors which also offer torque control. One of the speed motor is 0-600 rpm and the other is 0-2000 rpm. The chuck is very strong and it keeps the bits together. The LEDs are placed at the foot of the drill and that ensures that the shadows of the chuck do not fall on the object while drilling. The visibility is quite significant for Dewalt drill when compared to the other drill.

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Common Questions and Answers:

  1. When idle, do the batteries dry up?

No, the Lithium ion batteries are very effective and efficient and in any case, the batteries doo not really dry up. You can use it after long time, it will work absolutely fine.

  1. Can we turn off the hammer function?

Yes, it can be turned off. The drill comes with a clutch adjustment that can be used to change the mode of turning on or off the hammer.

  1. How is the package of this drill?

It comes with a Hard Case. It consists of charger, 2 batteries and the drill, which is specious and strong enough for protection.

  1. Drill Mode or Driver Mode?

Drilling mode is for hole drilling especially in wood. However, if you are using strong object like concrete, the alternative bits can be used to drive down the material using the driver mode.

Our Opinion:

This is a very effective tool thanks to the high torque and generated power. The compact size of the tool makes it even better choice. The ergonomic design and the comfortable grip obviously make it a choice to ponder upon. The weight is on the higher side, however, the good power and compact size make it up for the power tool.

This is also very effective when you are trying to drill or drive even the hard objects for example a concrete. You can easily penetrate the concrete material. This is a great tool for doing the odd stuffs for maintenance or house repair. However, again if you are a professional and working on some construction projects, you might need even higher power drill. This might not be enough for you. The wobbling chuck is a major concern for this drill, but apart from it looks and works all fine.

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Conclusion: Makita or Dewalt – Who Wins This Battle of The Cordless Drills

Well, this is a question that rather needs a careful answer. The very first thing that needs to be understood here is that both are very reputed brand and manufactures wonderful products. One cannot really pick the best from the two very good products. However, your kind of work might have the answer to pick one of this. If you need a low power drill which is stable enough and lightweight, then Makita is the perfect choice. However, if you seek more power, then Dewalt can be the one, which you should go for. Although, it has to be understood that this tool does have a wobbling impact and it cannot be ignored completely.

In terms of efficiency, both of the drill does absolutely faveolus job. The battery power is also quite evidently supreme. The premium material used in these products make it durable and easy to use. The dynamics of the products become very effective as the makers have focused their efforts to make the designs ergonomic. The sizes of the cordless drills are also comparable and of course compact in size. The grips and the designs are easier for any user to use it comfortably.

Having said that, it is to be noted that, Makita and Dewalt produce fine products and the best choice should be picked after analyzing the need of the work.

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