Hitachi DS18DBFL2 18 V Cordless Drill Review

Hitachi is known for the quality products in the field of power tools. The Hitachi DS18DBFL2 18 V Cordless Drill Driver is one of the best products produced by the manufacturer. We will analyze in detail the drill and decide the class of the power tool in today’s fiercely competitive market.

Well, to start with, the first thing that really captures the eye is the Lifetime warranty. This is very impressive and is hardly found in other power tools. In addition to it, the drill is driven by a modern Brushless Motor. We do know the benefits of the Brushless motors. The electronically controlled motor does not have carbon brushes. This ensures that there is no friction and no overheating of the tool while working. Not only that, it gives better battery performance as well. Hitachi is known for the superior, powerful and comfortable design, and it hasn’t really missed out this drill as well. The ergonomic body and grip design, make the tool easy to use, handle and of course a balanced tool.


The kit box of the Hitachi 18 V Drill consists of two Lithium-ion batteries and a charger. This toolkit looks even more complete with the presence of No 2 Philips bit along with the Drill itself. This is a complete package and you don’t really need another tool to buy.


  1. The drill is, of course, cordless which allow the user to use it extensively
  2. The lightweight design is also an added advantage which would help the user to carry out the drilling easily.
  3. The ergonomic design of the drill is not only balanced but the comfortable grip also makes it easy to use.
  4. There is a LED power light provided with the drill is a great advantage for the user. This LED light can illuminate the dark corners.
  5. This drill comes with very high torque and that can be very powerful.
  6. There are multiple clutch settings available for the power drill. This enables the drill to have multiple bit settings.


  1. The batteries are very expensive for Hitachi, so when we eventually replace the battery, it is going to be very expensive.
  2. It is not really possible to understand the indicator of the low battery. It is often confusing.

Common Question and Answers:

  1. What is the weight of the tool?

The weight of the tool is 3.5 pounds. The weight is of the tool inclusive of the battery.

  1. Does this tool have multiple settings?

Yes, the tool has multiple speed settings. There is also a specified reverse setting.

  1. Can we use this tool for contractor use?

Yes, the tool is quite powerful and it can be used for the construction use. However, when we use this tool for construction use, then the batteries are used up. Hence, if you need to use it for construction use, then ensure that you have to bring more batteries.

  1. What is the Warranty period?

The Tool has a lifetime warranty period. However, the lifetime warranty is only given to the tool but not extended to the battery or the charger.

In-depth Features:

The Hitachi 18V Drill is comprised of top-notch features. Customer focused features make it one of the best in the industry. Here are some of the most interesting and desired features of the Hitachi 18V Drill.

  1. Multiple Settings

The clutch of the drill has multiple settings. To be specific it offers 22 settings including the reverse settings. This does not only make easy to operate but also make the drill, a versatile one.

  1. Trigger Switch

The variable speed is controlled by a trigger switch. This switch is wear resistant and thus control the feature of the variable speed in a controlled manner.

  1. Keyless Chuck

The keyless chuck provides the major boost for safety and secure bit changes.

  1. Longer Battery Life

The batteries are lighter in weight and thanks to the brushless motor, the batteries last for a long time. The durability of the batteries is also high.

  1. Torque

As far as the torque is concerned, the drill offers a mammoth torque of 620 in-lbs. This is very torque when compared to similar power drills. The drill can also achieve the highest of 1800 rpm. The high torque makes this drill one of the most powerful drills in the industry.

  1. LED

When we work, we often find dark corners, where we have to work. Our job can be tedious in nature due to the lack of light. However, the LED that is installed with it, can be very effective with this drill. It illuminates the corner and provides adequate light to work.

  1. Light Weight

The weight of the drill is, of course, one of the major advantages. The lightweight helps the user to work comfortably. The drill weighs only 3.5 pounds along with the batteries. This is one of the best in the industry. The ergonomic handle and the comfortable grip also provide the added advantage to the end user. So, a user can use this at an angle for a long time without much fatigue.

  1. Warranty

The battery is additionally provided with 2 years’ warranty. The drill anyway has a lifetime warranty which is the most lucrative feature of this drill. The battery charger comes with a year warranty as well. Hitachi provides a complete package and makes it best for the user.


The Hitachi drill uses the latest Brushless motor. There are several advantages of the Brushless motors. However, one of the most prominent ones is the maintenance. The maintenance of this drill is almost none. The brushless motor does not really require a high maintenance fee but there are few things that need to be considered to reduce it even further.

  1. Even though the power drill is capable of penetrating the hard material, but it is wise not to use this drill on very hard material. For very hard material, more powerful drill or impact driver can be used. The longevity of the drill increases, when very hard material use is avoided.
  2. All the dust and the debris from the drill should be cleared once the use is over. If the debris is left over, it might impact the durability of the drill.


This is one of the features of the drill that is quite debated among the users. The battery life of this tool generally varies, and there is hardly any figure that one can provide. However, as the Lithium-ion batteries are used and the weight of the tool is less, hence the performance is better than the other NiCAD batteries. One can, however, point out that often it takes longer time to charge the battery than to discharge. The performance of the two batteries that are included along with the tool even differs. Hitachi, however, does provide a warranty on the batteries for a couple of years and one year for the charger.


As per the information provided, this is a great tool to use for all the purposes for all the level of users. However, we would not recommend this drill for heavy workload like construction work. It is true that the Hitachi drill can drill past the concrete but that would mean speedy battery discharge and of course can dent the durability. It can be very good on Aluminum, plastic, and wood. So, the capabilities of the tool are to do the construction work, but if you use it on the softer materials, then it would give you much better results.


Well, there is hardly any product that can be called perfect. All the products have some drawbacks from some or the other perception. The battery is the weakest link for this drill. Often the high performance of the drill gets overshadowed by the poor batteries. The replacement of the battery is also expensive and that further dents the reputation of the drill. However, if the optimum use is maintained, then the service of the battery can be overlooked. But if you are looking for heavy construction work, then the batteries can challenge your patience level for sure.


The Hitachi drill is one of the most powerful drills available in the market. The high amount of torque and speed variability obviously make it one of the top-notch choices. The comfortable handling and the trigger switch are icing on the cake. However, it cannot really be called the best cordless power drill in the market. The batteries can be called as the culprits here. The drill is considered fine for the construction work, but may not be the ideal choice for the same. However, if you deal with softer material, with optimal usage, it can be a great choice. Wood and Plastic along with Aluminum are few materials where Hitachi Drill can be a super performer. But if you are drilling concrete, then do look for other options.

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