DEWALT Vs Milwaukee Cordless Drill

DEWALT and Milwaukee are amongst the most popular brands available in the market for the power tools. Both the brands are known to provide the users with the best quality products when it comes to reliability, efficiency, and performance. However, there are cases when you need to choose a better one for yourself from these two amazing power tools’ brands, then you may find it extremely difficult to choose one out of the bests.

DEWALT VS Milwaukee : Cordless Drill

In this article, we are going to briefly compare these two brands in almost every aspect that a buyer may be concerned about. Also, we will briefly talk about the most reliable and popular cordless drills available in the market from these brands. So, if you were looking to buy a powerful and reliable cordless drill for your home, stay with us until the end of the article to make a better choice and find a perfect cordless drill according to your needs and budget. So, let’s get started.

Brand value: DEWALT VS Milwaukee

The first thing that we can compare these two amazing power tools’ brands is the brand value. Although both the brands have brilliant brand value and they both are extremely popular among the buyer seeking for the quality, there are a few differences between the two that can help you choose the best among these two.

DEWALT has started its business in the year 1920s in the United States and since then it has been a major market contender for the power tools. The company has made a good use of resources and made the tools that work of simple yet effective principle of providing the users with high-quality products that can help them complete their daily DIYs and other professional projects with ease without compromising with the quality. The no-compromise attitude of the company has made the products top-notch and a bit expensive than the other brands available in the market. So, if you are ready to pay a premium price from a great quality product, you should opt for DEWALT for buying your next cordless drill. You won’t be disappointed. Also, the efficiency of the cordless drill will make you fall in love with the brand.

Talking about Milwaukee, the company also started the business in the 1920s.  However, the company followed a different strategy to attract the users and targeted the category of the buyers who are looking forward to buying reliable and easy to use tools for home as well as the professional projects. The company has a great range of products that are clearly classified according to the users’ needs and budget. The build quality has been a USP of Milwaukee power tools and is you were looking to buy a tool from the brand that is known to produce unmatched high-quality products, the Milwaukee will be an ideal brand to go with.  You can find dozens of reliable products from the brand which are perfect for home as well as professional use.

Build Quality: DEWALT VS Milwaukee

Build quality is an important aspect when you are looking to buy a reliable power tool that lasts forever and is a brilliant buy. And although both DEWALT and Milwaukee are known to produce high-quality products for the buyers, there are a few design and standard differences between the brands that can let you decide the better brand according to your needs.

DEWALT has always been particular about their products’ quality and the way they serve their customers. That’s the reason why they do not ever compromise with the quality of the end product. They have higher standards that must be fulfilled by every single power tool that sells in the market with the brand name. Whether you are buying the entry-level cordless drill or any other high-end product, you can easily rely on the brand for the build quality. Whether it is about handling, comfort, or the power, the cordless drill from DEWALT are a great buy for almost all categories of buyers.

On the other hands, Milwaukee produces power tools according to the buyer’s needs. That’s the reason why you can find the perfect entry-level, mid-level and high-end cordless drill from them. The range of products clearly defines the targeted buyers and if you know your budget and needs, the Milwaukee will be the best brand to go with.

Range of product: DEWALT VS Milwaukee

Next big thing that comes while comparing two huge brands in the same category is the range of products. Especially talking about the cordless drills, both DEWALT and Milwaukee are supposed to be the best-in-class brands to go with. And the reason behind the popularity and trust is the wide range of available products in the market.

Here’s a brief comparison of the brands in terms of the available range of cordless drills in the market.

Both the DEWALT and Milwaukee has a great range of products when you are planning to buy a reliable cordless drill. Whether you are after an 18v, 20v or 22v cordless drill, you can easily find a great range in both the brands.

The DEWALT cordless drills are relatively lightweight in design and have better features that the Milwaukee drills. However, when it comes to the build quality, value, and power, the Milwaukee cordless drills are comparatively superior to the DEWALT products.

So, make sure what your needs are and fix your budget to choose the best brand for yourself

Benefits of choosing these brands

Along with the customers’ trust and great build quality, DEWALT and Milwaukee cordless drills have numerous other points that can be treated as the benefits of choosing the cordless drills from these brands. So, go through them and know why they are a better choice for the buyers.

  • Great market reputation

As discussed earlier, the market hold by these two brands is more than any other brand available for the category. So, you can easily find the best and the most suitable

  • Reliable and useful features that aren’t present in other brands

Along with the great value for money, these brands have a great set of features that are either not present in the range or are available in the high-end models from the other brands. This makes these brands a great choice for the buyers who are looking to buy a feature-rich, efficient and highly dependable cordless drill for them. So, make sure to check the models in your budget to get the list of features you will get by choosing them.

  • Better power efficiency and battery life

Both DEWALT and Milwaukee utilizes the battery efficiently, and if you were looking for a drill that has a better shelf life and longer-lasting batteries, these brands should be the best choice for you. Along with the better and larger batteries, the efficient motor is what makes them highly reliable and power efficient tools to have at home.

So, if you were looking to buy a cordless drill that can efficiently use the power and battery life for better performance and higher efficiency, the DEWALT and Milwaukee are the best brands to go with.

In all, there are numerous benefits that you can achieve by choosing one of these two brands for your home. Just make sure that you know your needs and have fixed a budget before searching for an ideal cordless drill for your home. So, next time when you are planning to buy a new cordless drill for yourself, try considering these two brands for yourself that will provide you a great value for money that may not be the case with the other products in the range.

Best cordless drill from DEWALT and Milwaukee

Now, once you have a decent information of both the brands, now it is the right time to compare the two most popular cordless drills from them. Here’s a brief comparison of DEWALT DCD795D2 20V and Milwaukee 2604-22 M18 which are amongst the most popular cordless drills in the market. Go through the comparison and then decide which drill is a better choice for you.

  • DEWALT DCD795D2 20V cordless drill

For the buyers who are looking forward to having a mid-range cordless drill that not only has a great set of features but also a offers a great value for money, the DEWALT DCD795D2 20V will be an ideal product to go with. With an amazing set of features and a great brand value, this is a worthy buy for those who are looking for a reliable drill from a great brand.

Some of the best features that make the DEWALT DCD795D2 20V are a great buy for homeowners are listed below. Go through them and decide whether you should opt for the DEWALT DCD795D2 20V, or not.

  1. Great battery life
  2. Lightweight design for easy handling and support
  3. Equipped with highly efficient DEWALT brushless motor

Along with these three, there are numerous other features and points that make the DCD795D2 a great choice for the buyers who are looking for a reliable cordless drill for normal drilling tasks. These features and benefits can be explored by the users by using it more frequently at home.

In all, if you were looking forward to buying a cordless drill that can easily be mastered for regular home projects and is extremely lightweight and reliable; the DEWALT DCD795D2 will be an ideal choice for you. Try your hands on it and you are not going to be disappointed by the performance or efficiency of the drill.

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  • Milwaukee 2604-22 M18

For the buyers who are looking for a more powerful and efficient hammer drill set for their home that can easily make the projects complete faster and with more precision, the Milwaukee 2604-22 M18 would be an ideal deal to go with. With a 22-speed control switch, easy to use features and a brilliant battery life, the 2604-22 M18 is undoubtedly amongst the best 18v hammer drills available in the market. With the amazing set of features and lightweight design, there are numerous other things that make it a worthy buy for the buyers who are looking for a powerful and value for money product for them.

Some of the worth mentioning features that are behind the enormous popularity of the Milwaukee 2604-22 M18 are listed below. As a buyer who is looking to buy a new cordless hammer drill, you should be aware of these points. So, go through them, and decide whether the Milwaukee 2604-22 M18 is the right buy for your home or not.

  1. Soft grip, elegant design
  2. 2-LI-ion batteries included
  3. Easy to use features to enhance both usability and performance

In all, if you were looking to buy a highly usable, efficient, and reliable cordless hammer drill that works well and has an adequate power to deal the normal home projects, you should once try your hands on Milwaukee 2604-22 M18.

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Pros and cons related to the brands

As a buyer, it is also essential to know about the possible pros and cons associated with the brands before finalizing the deal. Like any other power tool brand, DEWALT and Milwaukee also have a few positive and negative things that you should be aware of. By knowing them, you can easily decide which of these brands is a better choice for your home. Go through them and then make your call.



  1. Great range of products and amazing reviews
  2. Easy maintenance


  1. Expensive than most of the other brands available in the market



  1. You can easily find a good range for entry-level and advanced users
  2. Reliable and highly durable build quality that will last for many years


  1. Hard to maintain


In the end, it is all up to you that which brand you prefer for yourself, and which of them fulfills your needs of buying a perfect cordless drill. In all, both the products are extremely good and perform well in adverse situations. You are not going to regret your decision of choosing any of these brands’ product for yourself.

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