Best Right Angle Drill 2023 : Reviews, Ratings and Buying Guide

Best Right Angle Drill 2023 : Right angle drill is not very common in the toolkits especially if you are not doing any challenging work. However, a tedious job can be made very simple by this amazing tool thanks to its innovativeness. If you need to drill something behind a beam or at a very awkward angle, then what is your general response? Well, many struggles to do that but the smarter ones use the right angle drills. These drills are generally cordless and thus make it even more flexible and easy to use. The shape and angle of it make it easier for the person to hold and reach even at a very difficult angle.

The normal drills sometimes cannot cut even though powerful. Unless the point of contact is proper, the drill might not be very effective. These drilling tools are designed to establish contact at the uncomfortable positions. If you are regularly carrying out such activities and still do not have a right angle drill, then this article will help you to get the best one.

Best Right Angle Drill 2023 Reviews

There are several options available in the online marketplace to buy a best right angle drill. However, it might not be an easy task to buy one. There are plenty of features and parameters that should be compared before finalizing the product. We have done the research to zero down the best right angle drills 2023 for you. If you are planning to buy one, then the reviews and the following ratings of the products can be very helpful.

#1. Bosch PS11BN 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 3/8-Inch Right Angle Drill

This right angle drill from Bosch is our best pick from a lot of products. This is a compact model from one of the most reliant brands in the industry. It can even fit into your pocket. The incredible drill can provide 115 inch LBS of Torque and 1300 rpm for high performance.

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The auto lock chuck does not only provide a good hold but also offers very easy replacement. You can even regulate the speed thanks to the variable speed of the drill. As far as the convenience and the comfort are concerned, Bosch has really worked on that engineering.

The handle has ergonomic effects and can be used for a long time without causing fatigue. The grip and the trigger are always comfortable and it can be used from various angles as well.

Common Questions and Answers:

  1. Is the trigger control too sensitive?

Well, there has been no such problem with this drill.

  1. Which battery is compatible with this drill?

Bosch 10.8V and 12V battery both are compatible with this drill and works as usual.

  1. Can we change the chuck easily?

The 7+1 Electronic Chuck can be changed very easily.


  1. The ultra-compact size of the drill is very impressive and useful.
  2. High torque generates immense power
  3. This product is durable
  4. Auto lock chuck can be replaced very easily


  1. The tool does not include the battery or the charger.

Our Opinion:

We believe that this is one of the finest of products for the right angle drill. The compact size makes it easy to hold and to work. The weight is considerate and the torque it generates is quite impressive. The battery and the product durability is quite fascinating as well. However, we would have loved it, even more, had Bosch included the battery or the charger along with the tool kit. But if you are looking for a compact, high power, and efficient right angle drill, this could be your best shot.

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#2. Milwaukee Electric Tool 2615-21CT Right Angle Cordless Drill Kit

This is a very lightweight right angle drill which can be a fascinating asset in your toolbox. The Milwaukee right angle drill comes with a total of 11 features along with the drill mode. So, this isn’t limited to drilling. The 3/8 inches is very compatible for sharp drilling. The drill provides complete control.

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As far as the comfortable grip or trigger is concerned, this best right angle drill gives a different experience. The trigger can be controlled from various angles and reduce the fatigue of the user.

The handle can be extended and that makes it even more interesting product. If you frequently work in tight places where the visibility is very less, then, be glad, because this drill is comprised of an in-built LED.

Common Questions and Answers:

  1. Is it a complete kit?

Yes, this comes with a complete battery and charger.

  1. How powerful is it?

It is very powerful and can pierce through the hardwood.


  1. It comes with 11 speed motor which is extremely powerful and has high utility
  2. Good torque for high performance
  3. Chuck size is adequate for fine drilling
  4. Five years of warranty makes it even more interesting


  1. Keyed chuck

Our Opinion:

This drill comes with high utility and usability. The tool comes with a good battery and charger is included in the kit. The chuck looks efficient and can complete most of the jobs. The extended handle and the in-built LED light makes thing even better. A keyless chuck could have been icing on the cake, but overall it is a great product to buy.

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#3. Angle Drill, GALAX PRO 3.5 Amps Close Quarter Power Drill 3/8″ Right Angle Drill

This drill is known for the compact design and that can help it to reach even the closest of the quarter applications. The 10 mm keyed chuck with 3.5 AMP motor generates enough power to cut through the hardest of the material. The speed of 1600 rpm is quite phenomenal for the drill.

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The grip is quite comfortable and the handle can be controlled at various angles. This is, in fact, one of the major advantages of the drill. You can screw metal sheet, wooden furniture, and others very comfortably. The built-in LED also provides illumination in case you are working in the darkest of the corners.

The versatile speed of the drill helps you to drill holes even more efficiently. There are only 2 screwdriver pieces that are provided along with the right angle drill.

Common Questions and answers:

  1. Can it drill wood?

It is a powerful drill tool and can pierce through the hardwood and even metal sheets.

  1. Is chuck effective?

The chuck is very effective and the lock on Forward and Reverse button for higher machine performance.


  1. 10 mm chuck can drill very efficiently
  2. High torque provides immense power
  3. Built-in LED provides illumination power
  4. Screwdriver pieces can be very helpful for drilling as well


  1. Keyless chuck would have been preferred

Our Opinion:

Angle drill is quite effective with high torque and power. You can use it for drilling metal sheet and hardwood. The comfortable handle can help you to drill even the finest of corners. The chuck looks efficient but a keyless check could have been even more impactful. The Built-in LED makes thing even better.

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#4. Ingersoll Rand 7807R 3/8: Standard Duty Air Angle Reversible Drill

This is one of the efficient right angle tools that can be used at any places for better drilling.  The quality of the product is of course of high quality and that is one of the reasons, it has made it to the top 7 positions. The powerful Motor and variable speed make it one of the best choices for the right angle drill.

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The Jacob multi-craft chuck provides control and is quite efficient. It is reversible and has a comfortable throttle. This drill has a grease plug for easy preventive maintenance. This ensures power transfer to the maximum and prolonged durability.

The comfortable grip of the handle is also praiseworthy. It is also smooth and can handle the trigger, also, it can handle the trigger from various angles. This makes the product even more desirable.

Common Questions and Answers:

  1. Is the product durable?

Yes, this product is highly durable.

  1. Is the product cordless?

The product is cordless and that enables it to reach even the deepest corner.

  1. Is the product efficient in drilling?

The compact and low profile chuck help the drill for honing, reaming or drilling holes very efficiently.


  1. Grease Plug of the drill for easy maintenance
  2. Size of the chuck is adequate for fine drilling
  3. Durability
  4. High torque


  1. The weight is on the heavier side

What’s our opinion:

The variable speed of the chuck of 1200 – 2500 rpm makes it very efficient. The compact drill is one of the best while drilling. The 12 V right angle drill can pierce through every type of materials. Sheet metal, wood, and composites can also be drilled with this right angle drill. If you are looking for a classic right angle drill which is economical and also useful, this could be your best grab. The chuck size is quite good, however, the variability could have been better.

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#5. DEWALT 20V MAX Right Angle Cordless Drill/Driver Kit (DCD740C1)

The interesting features and amazing user friendly offerings of the Dewalt right angle drill help it to reach the top 7 positions. It is a 20V right angle drill and it runs on the energy efficient Li-Ion battery technology. It has 4 inches of compact size from front to back end. This makes it an interesting buy because one can easily change the chuck.

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Now, as far as the performance is concerned, this right angle drill again topples other. The multi grip trigger is very comfortable and also allows the user to operate the highly efficient trigger from a variety of positions. The question comes can it provide the power? Well, it can, thanks to the motor fan which also makes sure that the product is durable.

The comfort is one of the key factors that should be looked for while purchasing a right angle drill and Dewalt has once again done a great job in it. The ergonomic handle is very comfortable to grip and also provide greater stability and control. This makes drilling a very easy job.

Common Questions and Answers?

  1. Is it Cordless?

Yes, it is a cordless right angle drill and also electric and works on extensions.

  1. Does it come with a battery?

The product comes with a Li-Ion battery which is included as part of the product.

  1. Is it durable?

The compact chunk and the fan motor along with an efficient engineering process make it a durable product.

  1. Can it be used to drill a hardwood?

Well, the drill is very powerful and can do an excellent job to drill a hardwood.


  1. Very powerful and stable drill
  2. It comes with 2 years of product warranty
  3. An integrated LED light helps the end user to work at places where the light does not reach
  4. It is very compact in size and the keyless chuck can be very easily replaced
  5. It offers storage solutions thanks to the steel belt clip and magnetic bit holder
  6. It is a durable product


  1. It is heavy in weight

What’s our opinion:

This is one of the best right angle drill available in the marketplaces. The small chunk helps it to cut really deep with high speed. The keyless chuck is always preferred and the higher efficiency makes this one of the good options. A couple of years of warranty is decent. The grip of the handle is very comfortable for the end user. However, it could have been lighter in weight.

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#6. Makita XAD02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 3/8″ Angle Drill, Tool Only

There are four pole motors in this drill. This generates a great amount of torque in the range of 121 inch LBS for the drilling. The power is quite high and can be used to drill even tough metal sheet and the hardwood. So, if you are planning for assembling or working on furniture, then this is one of the best right angle drill. It has a keyless chuck which makes it even more impactful.

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When it comes to comfort and handling, Makita offers a great deal here. The ergonomic design of the handle can help you to work with much ease and comfort. The fatigue level of the end user would be minimum even after working for hours with this.

The handle and overall length of the Makita Right angle drill are quite fascinating and it can reach even the closest of quarters.

Common Questions and Answers:

  1. Can we remove the handle of the drill?

Yes, the handle can be removed when working on the very closest quarter.

  1. Is it a durable product?

Makita is a renowned brand and the right angle drill is made of premium components. This product is highly durable.

  1. Is the Chuck keyless?

Yes, the chuck is keyless.


  1. Keyless chuck for efficient drilling
  2. It comes with an astonishing 3 years of warranty on the product
  3. The speed is variable and can have 18000 RPM
  4. There are 4 pole motors which are adequate to generate power


  1. If you have old batteries, then this drill would not be compatible.

Our Opinion:

We liked the compact size and high power of the drill. The size is, of course, an advantage and even the removable handle can make the job easier. The keyless chuck is an effective addition to the already powerful drill. However, if you have used the drill before and want to use the older batteries, then you might need to check the compatibility. The drill does not come with the battery and charger and it needs to purchased separately.

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#7. Ryobi P241 One+ 3/8 Inch Right Angle Drill

The Ryobi P241 comes with a unique long neck design. This ensures that the drill reaches even the closest angle and awkward places. The magnetic tray ensures good hold and that makes the drilling even easier. The 18V batteries can be good enough for this drill.

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The rubberized over grip is specially engineered for a comfortable grip. The end user wants to control and comfort over the grip. This ensures that drill is held at all the angles with an equal amount of torque and comfort. The hole boring for metal sheets and even hardwood or composites thus become relatively easier without much fatigue. This drill justifies all of that. The ergonomic handle design helps the end user even more.

The compact sized right angle drill also comes with a LED which helps the user to get light even in the darkest corner. The drill works on the battery of 18V.

Common Questions and Answers:

  1. What is the warranty for the product?

This product comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer

  1. Can it be drilled in one hand?

Most of the items can be drilled with one hand. However, you might need to use two hands when you are working on a very hard surface like concrete.

  1. Does the kit provide a battery and charger?

The kit is a bare kit and does not provide any accessory. You need to buy a battery and charger separately of 18V.


  1. It comes with a replacement warranty of 90 days
  2. The head size is adequate for fine drilling
  3. The huge amount of torque makes it capable of drilling most of the surfaces
  4. The long neck size is suited for awkward angle drilling


  1. No battery is provided with the right angle drill

Our Opinion:

This is a compact sized right angle drill and is quite incredible. The torque that the drill generates is immense and it can even help you drill as strong surface like concrete. The kit of the drill should have included the battery as well, however that is not the case. The size of the chuck is good enough for the best performance. Like many other top right angle drills, this also provides a built-in LED to work on the dark corners of the quarters.

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Best Right Angle Drill 2023 : Buying Guide

There is no real disadvantage of the best right angle drill, however, it comes with a lot of advantages. Many miss this tool a certain time because of its usefulness. Here are the major advantages of having a right angle drill.


The tight spaces are not always reached by the normal drills. Whether it is a job of plumbing or carpentering, the best fit is always mandatory. However, closed and tight spots often make a mess of the fit. Drills cannot really reach every part because of its shape. However, the case is not the same with the right angle drill. Even at the very awkward angles and tight spaces, it can reach and drill it perfectly.

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Majority of the right angle drills come with 3 speed motors. This is one of the best features for the drills as it is powerful and also has less tendency to burn out. It can even drill heavy woods thanks to the high torque.

Multi-purpose use

This drill comes with a head. However, the best part is that the head can be removed. When the head is removed, it can be used as a conventional drill. This simply justifies that it can be more useful than conventional ones. However, it is true that the right angle drill is costlier but the usefulness can justify the cost of it.

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Like the conventional drills, the right angle drill also has extensions features. It simply means that it can be used at any places at home to do the drill at tight places.

Easy and Comfortable

The right angle drill is not only easy to use but also very comfortable. It comes with a comfortable grip, that can help to handle it very easily.

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All of the products are quite effective and impactful. However, it depends on the need of the customers. The customer needs to analyze the size, power and other features required and then choose the right one among these best right angle drill 2023.

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